Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Acoustic Ceiling Treatments

Acoustic ceiling treatments involve the use of acoustic panels that are specifically designed to reduce background noise, improve the clarity of sound, and minimise reverberation and echo in any given environment. With the installation of acoustic surfaces like wall tiles and suspended ceiling panels, the difference in sound quality is significantly noticeable.

Furthermore, these panels are functional and visually appealing, adding an aesthetic element to any space where they are used.

We collaborate with reliable suppliers who bring their expertise in providing top-notch materials that perfectly cater to individual needs. Our priority is always delivering high-quality solutions that enhance acoustics while optimising available space.

Photo By Mark Scowen Photography

Case Study: Greenwood Roche

The Greenwood Roche fit out was a very technical and bespoke job, testing the materials used and the skills of the team to provide a one of a kind ceiling. The office is open plan and required sound-absorbing ceilings to allow for speech privacy. The design consisted of an acoustic grid and tile ceiling, a sloping plasterboard ceiling above the reception and a ceiling made of water-jet cut polyester strips and lighting channels in the public areas. Each Polyester ceiling panel is hand assembled in layers with a series of unequal strips in an irregular pattern between MDF channels carrying services.

Photos By David Hamilton